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Custom Fabricated Fire Suppression Systems for Cargo Aircraft

This fire suppression system was designed for use by cargo aircraft, and features many advanced safety system. The customer supplied specifications includes a fully autonomous control system that detects the heat of the fire to initiate suppression with Ansul Cargo Foam. It also utilizes a specially developed system that punctures the container and injects the foam.

We handled the metal manufacturing, including the forming, bending, shearing, machining, water-jet cutting and assembly as well as the finishing of the aluminum, stainless steel and high-alloy steel system. Intended for MD-11F and DC/MD-10F applications, we custom manufactured the fire suppression system from customer-supplied print/specifications.

For more information on the processes used in this project, and how we can apply the same expertise and craftsmanship to your project, contact us directly.

  Custom Fabricated Fire Suppression Systems for Cargo-Container
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Custom Fabricated Fire Suppression Systems for Cargo Aircraft
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Highlights of this custom fabricated Fire Suppression System

Product Description These fire suppression systems are used within aircraft to reduce the risk of fires.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Customer Supplied Engineering
Test/STC approval Unit
Water Jet Cutting
Tightest Tolerances ±.0005"
Material Used Aluminum
Stainless Steel
High Alloy Steel
Material Finish Powder Coating
Features Fully Autonomous Control System
Detects the Heat of the Fire and Initiates Suppression
Utilizes Ansul Cargo Foam®
Injects Foam Directly into the Cargo Container
Specially Developed Puncture System to Puncture the Container and Inject Foam
Industry for Use Aerospace
Delivery Location Westlake Village, California
Standards Met Customer supplied print/specifications
Product Name Cargo Fire Suppression Systems
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