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Custom Manufacturing of a Hushkit System for the Aerospace Industry
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Custom Manufacturing of a Hushkit System for the Aerospace Industry

MP Aero, a leader in manufacturing and repair of aircraft components, was approached by a client to custom manufacture a hushkit system that would be used for noise suppression on a Gulfstream jet engine.  This hushkit was composed of an alternating lobe exhaust nozzle, a fuselage-mounted acoustically-lined ejector, and a cascade style thrust lever. Following the customer-supplied design/build to print orders, the parts went straight into production.  Made from a titanium honeycomb core, nickel-chromium based superalloys, titanium forgings, and an aluminum cowling, we fabricated the parts using capabilities such as super plastic forming, stretch forming, hot sizing, 5-axis machining, composite bonding, and electron beam welding.  The parts were finished with an anodized or titanium anodized coating, chemfilm, dry film lubricants, primer, and paint.

This hushkit system reduced reverse thrust noise in the cabin and outside the plane; reduced temperatures, stresses, and vibration loads on the engine; and reduced empennage vibrations and associated fatigue-inducing stresses.

For more information on the processes used in this project, and how we can apply the same expertise and craftsmanship to your project, contact us directly.

  Custom Manufacturing of a Hushkit System for the Aerospace Industry
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Custom Manufacturing of a Hushkit System for the Aerospace Industry
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Highlights of Custom Manufactured Hushkit System Project

Product Description The hushkit is used on gulfstream jet engines, to suppress noise.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Customers Design/Build to Print
These parts went straight to production
Super Plastic Forming, Stretch Forming, Hot Sizing, 5 Axis Machining, Composite Bonding, Electron Beam Welding…etc
Overall Part Dimensions Various Equipment was used to produce these Assemblies.
Material Used Titanium Honeycomb Core
Aluminum Cowling
Titanium Forgings
Inconel Sheet
Material Finish Dry Film Lubricant
Titanium Anodize
Chem film,
Primer And Paint
In process testing/inspection performed 100% in process inspection along with Alectro/Hydro Mechanical Testing
Components Alternating Lobe Exhaust Nozzle
Fuselage-Mounted Acoustically-Lined Ejector
Cascade Style Thrust Lever
Features Reductions in:
  • Reverse Thrust Noise, In Cabin & External
  • Temperatures, Stresses, and Vibration Loads on the Engine
  • Empennage Vibrations and Associated Fatigue-Inducing Stresses
Minute 6.2dB Over Pre-Hushkit Installation
No Time or Cycle Limited Components
Application Gulfstream Jets
Industry for Use Aerospace
Delivery Location Van Nuys, California
Standards Met Customer supplied print/specifications

Stage 3 Certified
  • STC Number ST01567LA Issued by the Los Angeles ACO
Product Name Hushkit System
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